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Grade 5 Context Clues
Grade 7 Defining Words
to determine
  1. in commotion, violent, disturbed
  2. to decide, to produce and outcome
  3. unlawful
  4. to realise beforehand
Grade 7 Defining Words
  1. a wise, but over-used saying
  2. with a rough voice
  3. able to be entered
  4. having a firm purpose
Grade 7 Biotic and Abiotic
Grade 2 Aesop
Grade 5 Defining Words
A showing and explanation of how something works
  1. determination
  2. description
  3. demonstration
  4. perform
Grade 5 Bud, Not Buddy CCSS: CCRA.R.3, RL.5.3
Which word best describes Bud?
  1. Sad
  2. Scared
  3. Determined
  4. Happy
Grade 7 Character Study CCSS: CCRA.R.3, RI.7.3

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Grade 7 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
Grade 2 Children's Literature
Which word best describes Irene?
  1. sad
  2. lazy
  3. excited
  4. determined
None English as a Second Language ESL
Grade 5 Context Clues
Grade 11 Vocabulary
  1. cowardly
  2. tilted
  3. shaky
  4. determined
Grade 12 Anatomy and Physiology
How does anatomy and physiology relate to each other?
  1. the function determines the function and structure
  2. the structure determines the structure
  3. the function determines the structure
  4. the structure determines the function
Grade 7 Synonyms
  1. pliable
  2. flexible
  3. determined
Grade 10 Defining Words
Not clear; vague; not settled or decided.
  1. inanition
  2. indeterminate
  3. determinate
  4. indignity
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