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Grade 4 Capitalization and Punctuation
Grade 10 Medical Terms
What does OD mean?
  1. Doctor of Optician
  2. Doctor of Ophthalmologist
  3. Doctor of Optometry
  4. Doctor of Optinct
Grade 9 Sentence Structure
None English as a Second Language ESL
Choose the correct PASSIVE VOICE sentence with the same meaning as:

Doctors prescribe medicine.
  1. Medicine are prescribed by doctors.
  2. Medicine is prescribed by doctors.
  3. Medicine was prescribed by doctors.
  4. Medicine were prescribed by doctors.
Grade 5 Social Studies
Grade 6 Capitalization and Punctuation
Which sentence uses correct capitalization?
  1. I am going to see the Doctor.
  2. How are you doing, doctor?
  3. Are you going to lunch, Doctor?
  4. Is the Doctor seeing patients today?
Grade 5 STEM Words
Grade 1 Abbreviations and Acronyms
None Grammar
Emily's FATHER is a doctor.
  1. noun
  2. adjective
  3. verb
  4. adverb
Grade 5 Spelling
Grade 6 Abbreviations and Acronyms
Grade 10 Journalism CCSS: CCRA.L.3, L.9-10.3
Which of the following is the correct way to write the following sentence.
  1. Dr. Griff Singer holds a doctoral degree in journalism
  2. Doctor Griff Singer holds a doctoral degree in journalism
Grade 3 People and Places
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. docter
  2. doctor
  3. dockter
Grade 8 Tenses
Choose the sentence with the future tense verb.
  1. The Doctor will find dinosaurs on a spaceship.
  2. The Doctor has found dinosaurs on a spaceship.
  3. The Doctor is finding dinosaurs on a spaceship.
  4. Dinosaurs on a spaceship are cool.
Grade 9 Medical Terms
This device must be fitted by a doctor.
  1. Birth Control Pills
  2. Douching
  3. Latex Condom
  4. Diaphragm
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