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Grade 9 Drugs and Alcohol
Cannabis is what?
  1. A look-alike drug
  2. Illicit drug
  3. Gateway drug
  4. Psychoactive drug
College Drugs and Alcohol
Phenobarbital is an example of a
  1. Schedule I drug
  2. Schedule II drug
  3. Schedule III drug
  4. Schedule IV drug
  5. Schedule V drug
None Drugs and Alcohol
Grade 10 Supporting Details CCSS: CCRA.R.3, RI.9-10.3

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What is one thing those who abuse prescription drugs fail to take into account?
  1. The drug's intended use
  2. The drug's side effects
  3. The amount of the drug to take
  4. The reasons for taking the drug
College Nervous and Endocrine Systems
6.What carries a signal away from the body of a neuron?
  1. Axon
  2. Drugs
  3. Dopaminergic
  4. Teratogenic
None Medical Terms
Grade 9 Emotional, Social, and Mental Health
College Drugs and Alcohol
36.the acronym DEA means
  1. drug and ethics administration
  2. drug enforcement agency
  3. drug evaluation agency
  4. drug ethical administration
Grade 7 DNA, RNA, and Genetics
Most causes of cancer are caused by
  1. mutation
  2. radiation
  3. tumors
  4. drugs
Grade 6 World Events
Select the two major problems in Germany today.
  1. Pollution
  2. Drug Trafficking
  3. Unemployment
  4. Locust
Grade 9 Drugs and Alcohol
Grade 8 Drugs and Alcohol
What level of intoxication causes the most deaths?
  1. Drug overdose
  2. Coma
  3. Alcohol
  4. Hangover
Grade 9 Drugs and Alcohol
These drugs are sniffed or breathed in to feel effects.
  1. carcinogens
  2. stimulants
  3. inhalents
  4. designer drugs
Grade 8 Drugs and Alcohol
College Medical Practices
Which of the following should not be included as part of your charting and documentation for an injection?
  1. Drug Name
  2. Drugs compounded
  3. Dosage
  4. Time of Medication
  5. None of the Above
Grade 5 Drugs and Alcohol
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