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Grade 7 Planetary Motion
Grade 4 Geomorphology
Grade 11 Historical Geology
About how long ago was the Earth formed?
  1. 4.5 million years
  2. 45 million years
  3. 4.5 billion years
Grade 5 Inner Planets
Grade 3 Earth's Layers
Grade 6 Properties of Matter
Grade 4 Geomorphology
Grade 4 Geography
What is located at the farthest points in the North and South of the Earth?
  1. poles
  2. equator
  3. prime meridian
  4. international date line
Grade 6 Themes of Geography
Lines of longitude run in which direction on a map?
  1. east-west
  2. north-south
  3. south-east
  4. north-west
Grade 11 Atmosphere
About 20% of the Earth's atmosphere is this gas.
  1. oxygen
  2. nitrogen
  3. carbon dioxide
Grade 5 Rocks
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