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Grade 9 Energy and Momentum
Jestin built a ramp to help move stuff up into the back of his scary van. If he uses the ramp to help him do work, which of the following will be true?
  1. His effort force and effort distance will remain the same. His MA = 1.
  2. His effort distance will decrease, his effort force will increase. His MA > 1.
  3. His effort distance will increase, his effort force will decrease. His MA > 1.
  4. His effort force will increase, his effort distance will decrease. His MA < 1.
Grade 11 Synonyms
The synonym of effort is:
  1. attempt
  2. chance
  3. choice
Grade 7 Synonyms
Synonym of effort:
  1. endeavor
  2. emanated
  3. eerie
  4. choice
Grade 8 Simple Machines
A Class 1 lever can move a heavy load with
  1. smaller effort force
  2. larger effort force
  3. same effort force
Grade 6 Defining Words
The definition of efforts is:
  1. extraordinarily good
  2. small shining disk or spangle used for ornamentation
  3. the amount of exertion expended for a specified purpose
Grade 8 Simple Machines
A class 2 lever always moves a large load with
  1. a heavier effort force
  2. a smaller effort force
  3. the same effort force
Grade 7 Defining Words
Which word meas "different and important"?
  1. Dangerous
  2. Special
  3. Poverty
  4. Effort
Grade 4 Forces and Motion
Grade 6 Simple Machines
A push or pull that can move a load is the
  1. gear
  2. lever
  3. effort
  4. machine
Grade 4 Spelling
Grade 12 Fitness
In the "New PE" in Naperville, the students would be graded on _____ rather than _____?
  1. Eating Lunch / Dinner
  2. Writing / Reading
  3. Skill / Effort
  4. Effort / Skill
Grade 9 Simple Machines
Which of the following would most likely make a machine more efficient?
  1. Increasing the Mechanical Advantage
  2. Increasing the effort distance by decreasing the effort force
  3. Increasing the effort force by decreasing the effort distance
  4. Decreasing the friction by using wheels or lubricant
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