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Grade 6 Egypt
Grade 6 Greece

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Grade 6 Egypt

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The pyramids were:
  1. large Egyptian trading ships
  2. a writing material Egyptians used
  3. tombs for Egyptian workers
  4. tombs for the Egyptian pharaohs
Grade 6 Teachings of the Bible
Grade 6 Teachings of the Bible
Grade 6 Ancient History
Grade 2 Teachings of the Bible
What kind of men threatened the people of Israel?
  1. Levites
  2. Egyptians
  3. Ammonites
  4. Mormons
Grade 6 Egypt
What did the Egyptians use as a form of writing?
  1. cuneiform
  2. tonsure
  3. egyptian
  4. hieroglyphics
Grade 7 Roman Empire
Rome gained most of its knowledge about building from
  1. the Greeks
  2. the Etruscans
  3. the Egyptians
  4. the Persians
Grade 7 Music History
The mass was written in this language:
  1. Italian
  2. Latin
  3. Hebrew
  4. Egyptian
Grade 10 Greece
Grade 7 Greece
The Greeks adopted their alphabet from which civilization?
  1. the Egyptians
  2. the Phoenicians
  3. the Babylonians
  4. the Hittites
Grade 5 People and Places
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. Egiptian
  2. Egyptian
  3. Egypcian
Grade 8 Mesopotamia
Which ancient empire was founded by Hammurabi?
  1. Babylonian
  2. Sumerian
  3. Akkadian
  4. Egyptian
Grade 10 Sculpture
What ancient civilizations inspired Archaic Greek sculpture?
  1. Romans
  2. Sumerians
  3. Egyptians
  4. Babylonian
Grade 7 Greece
The Greek alphabet is based on which other alphabet?
  1. Egyptian
  2. Babylonian
  3. Phoenician
  4. Hittite
Grade 7 Roman Empire
Roman art was greatly influenced by,
  1. the Persians
  2. the Egyptians
  3. the Greeks
  4. the Chinese
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