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Grade 10 Chemistry
The transition metals represent the transition between which periodic table groups?
  1. Group 1 elements and group 13 elements
  2. Group 2 elements and group 13 elements
  3. Group 3 elements and group 12 elements
  4. Group 4 elements and group 12 elements
Grade 9 Periodic Table and Elements
Which of the following statements is true about the Periodic Table?
  1. Most elements are nonmetals
  2. Most elements are gas
  3. Most elements are metals
  4. Most elements are liquids
Grade 12 Periodic Table and Elements
Actinides belong to the following type of elements:
  1. s-block elements
  2. d-block elements
  3. f-block elements
  4. p-block elements
Grade 8 Periodic Table and Elements
On the Periodic Table, you can use group numbers to determine which of the following?
  1. The number of protons of an element
  2. The number of neutrons of an element
  3. The number of valence electrons of an element
  4. The number of isotopes of an element
Grade 10 Stoichiometry
In the reaction [math]A + B rarr C + D[/math], if element B is in excess, then
  1. element A is the limiting reactant.
  2. element B is the limiting reactant.
  3. element C is the limiting reactant.
  4. element D is the limiting reactant.
Grade 10 Periodic Table and Elements
Answering which of the following questions would BEST help a student determine whether an element is a transition element?
  1. Is the element a metal or nonmetal?
  2. Is the element reactive or nonreactive?
  3. Is the element located in columns 3-12?
  4. Is the ionic charge on the element a positive charge?
Grade 6 Periodic Table and Elements
When looking at the Periodic Table of elements, symbols don't match the name (like Ag=silver). Why is there such inconsistency?
  1. It depends on when and where the elements were discovered
  2. It depends on who discovered the elements
  3. It depends on how complex the element is
  4. It depends on what the element is made of
Grade 8 Periodic Table and Elements
Elements in Groups 1-2 and Groups 13-18 are called                        .
  1. representative elements
  2. synthetic elements
  3. noble gases
  4. actinides
Grade 9 Properties of Matter
Grade 9 Botany
In angiosperms, xylem consists of tracheids and
  1. sieve tube elements.
  2. companion cells.
  3. vessel elements.
  4. parenchyma.
College Skin, Skeleton, and Muscles
Which of the following best describes an isotonic contraction?
  1. When the contractile elements shorten, they lengthen the elastic elements but do not move the load.
  2. When the contractile elements shorten, they create enough force to move the load.
  3. When the contractile elements lengthen, they shorten the elastic elements and move the load.
  4. When the contractile elements lengthen, they lengthen the elastic elements but do not move the load.
  5. The contractile elements stay the same length as the elastic elements shorten and move the load.
Grade 7 Molecules and Compounds
Which of the following choices sequences the parts of matter from smallest to largest correctly?
  1. atom [math]rarr[/math] element [math]rarr[/math] compound
  2. atom [math]rarr[/math] compound [math]rarr[/math] element
  3. element [math]rarr[/math] atom [math]rarr[/math] compound
  4. element [math]rarr[/math] compound [math]rarr[/math] atom
Grade 12 Commas CCSS: CCRA.L.2, L.11-12.2

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The first comma used in the passage is used to
  1. set off parenthetical elements.
  2. connect two independent clauses.
  3. set off an introductory element.
  4. separate elements in a series.
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