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College Medical Practices
College Medical Practices
A patient tells you that the medication he's been taking to control his allergies is not working well. Where in the Student Edition software would you record this information?
  1. Reason for Encounter Field
  2. Duration Field for Entry Details
  3. Status field of Entry Details
  4. Onset field of Entry Details
College Medical Terms
College Personal Finance
Grade 11 Respiration, Digestion, and Excretion
College Medical Practices
When an entry is made on the daysheet, it is called:
  1. journalizing
  2. journaling
  3. posting
  4. accounting
Grade 9 Personal Finance
Continuing Education Navy
If you make a mistake in the ship's deck log which of the following procedures would you use to correct the mistake?
  1. Draw a single line through the error, insert the correct entry, and initial
  2. Print the word "error" after the mistake and insert the correct entry
  3. Erase the error and insert the correct entry
  4. black out the error, insert the correct entry and initial
Grade 7 Respiration, Digestion, and Excretion
What word best describes the function of the trachea?
  1. passageway
  2. entry point
  3. muscle
  4. pumping station
Grade 3 Dictionary Skills
Grade 4 Library Science
The words found at the top of each page of the dictionary is called?
  1. Entry Words
  2. Guide Words
  3. Dictionary Words
  4. None
Grade 10 Skin, Skeleton, and Muscles
A major function of the skin is protection from                        
  1. abrasion
  2. ultraviolet light.
  3. entry of microorganisms.
  4. dehydration.
  5. all of these
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