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Grade 7 Positive and Negative Numbers CCSS: 7.NS.A.1, 7.NS.A.1c
100 - (-5) = 105
  1. The equation is correct.
  2. The equation is incorrect.
Grade 10 Nonlinear Equations and Functions
Grade 10 Nonlinear Equations and Functions
The equation [math](x+1)^2-1=x(x+2)[/math] is an example of
  1. a contradiction.
  2. an identity.
  3. a conditional equation.
  4. a linear equation.
Grade 7 Algebraic Expressions
3a - 5 is an example of an
  1. equation.
  2. expression.
Grade 7 Linear Equations
6 + 4c = 10 is an example of an
  1. equation.
  2. expression.
Grade 11 Matrices CCSS: HSA-REI.C.8
[math]y = 2/5 x + 3[/math]

Jake is going to solve the system of equations using a matrix equation. He sets up his matrix equation as follows.
[math] [[5, -2],[6,-1]] [[x],[y]] = [[3],[7]] [/math]
Is this a correct? If not, choose the correct reason why not.
  1. It is correct.
  2. There must be a fraction in the matrix equation since there is one in the system of equations.
  3. The coefficients don't match up to the correct variables in the matrix equation.
  4. Systems of linear equations with equations not in standard form can never be put into a matrix equation.
Grade 8 Reactions
The products in an equation are
  1. on the left side of the equation.
  2. on the right side of the equation.
  3. not a part of a chemical equation
  4. are what you put into a reaction
Grade 6 Division
[math]6 -: 2[/math]

The above is an example of a(n)
  1. algebraic equation.
  2. numerical equation.
  3. algebraic expression.
  4. numerical expression.
Grade 8 Linear Equations
An equation that can be written in standard form (select the best answer).
  1. function
  2. linear equation
  3. slope-intercept equation
  4. linear function
Grade 8 Coordinate Geometry
A function whose graph forms a straight line.
  1. linear equation
  2. function equation
  3. linear function
  4. standard form
Grade 10 Conservation and Biodiversity
On Earth, biodiversity generally increases from the
  1. poles to the equator.
  2. equator to the rainforests.
  3. East to the West.
  4. North to the South.
Grade 9 Linear Equations
Which of the following would be the best choice for the first step in solving for x in the equation [math]2x + 8 = -10[/math]?
  1. Add 8 to both sides of the equation.
  2. Subtract 8 from both sides of the equation.
  3. Multiply both sides of the equation by 2.
  4. Divide both sides of the equation by -2.
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