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Grade 9 Latin American Geography
The Amazon River Basin is home to more species of plants and animals than any other ecosystem in the world -                                        .
  1. an estimated 50% of the world’s species
  2. an estimated 10% of the world’s species
  3. an estimated 20% of the world’s species
  4. an estimated 30% of the world’s species
Grade 3 STEM Words
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. estmate
  2. estamate
  3. estimate
Grade 10 Synonyms
Grade 8 Historical Geology
Grade 4 STEM Words
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. estamate
  2. estimate
  3. estumate
Grade 12 Vocabulary
The act of evading the truth; lying:
  1. estimable
  2. discreet
  3. prevarication
  4. renown
Grade 3 Defining Words
using what you know to make a good guess
  1. record
  2. style
  3. estimate
  4. texture
College Speech and Voice Disorders
What does Auditory Processing measure?
  1. Estimates how the neural pathway and auditory cortex influence speech understanding
  2. Estimate of speech understanding at suprathreshold levels
  3. Estimate of the neural pathway at suprathreshold levels
  4. Estimate of speech understanding and auditory cortex influence
Grade 12 Vocabulary
Full of concern:
  1. disdainful
  2. estimable
  3. solicitous
  4. prevarication
Grade 12 Vocabulary
Deserving of esteem; admirable:
  1. discreet
  2. solicitous
  3. renown
  4. estimable
Grade 5 Estimation
Grade 3 Defining Words
Grade 7 Synonyms
  1. welfare
  2. estimation
  3. personality
  4. yearning
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