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Grade 9 Latin American Geography
The Amazon River Basin is home to more species of plants and animals than any other ecosystem in the world -                                        .
  1. an estimated 50% of the world’s species
  2. an estimated 10% of the world’s species
  3. an estimated 20% of the world’s species
  4. an estimated 30% of the world’s species
Grade 10 Synonyms
Grade 8 Historical Geology
Grade 3 STEM Words
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. estmate
  2. estamate
  3. estimate
Grade 4 STEM Words
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. estamate
  2. estimate
  3. estumate
Grade 3 Defining Words
to draw a picture to explain or decorate a written text
  1. illustrate
  2. instance
  3. estimate
  4. style
Grade 12 Vocabulary
The act of evading the truth; lying:
  1. estimable
  2. discreet
  3. prevarication
  4. renown
Grade 3 Defining Words
using what you know to make a good guess
  1. record
  2. style
  3. estimate
  4. texture
Grade 11 Medical Terms
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