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Grade 8 Colonial Period
After being taken over by the English in 1664, New Netherland was renamed
  1. New England.
  2. New Hampshire.
  3. New Jersey.
  4. New York.
Grade 8 Exploration
Many did not know about the Vikings discoveries, because they did not
  1. write their discoveries down, but told them to one another.
  2. associate with other European nations.
  3. like other people knowing their secrets.
  4. eat red meat or use utensils.
Grade 8 Exploration
Christopher Columbus's four voyages across the Atlantic led to
  1. a decline in Europe's population as a result of new diseases.
  2. an exchange of people, foods, and germs between Europe and the Americas.
  3. a race between Spain and India to claim large parts of the Americas.
  4. the introduction of slavery to Spain and other parts of Europe.
Grade 8 Exploration
Settlers in the Spanish borderlands were mostly
  1. pirates and runaway slaves
  2. farmers and cattle ranchers
  3. miners and treasure seekers
  4. soldiers and Catholic priests
Grade 8 Exploration
Whatever Europeans settled in the Americas, Native Americans
  1. grew wealthy by trading with colonists.
  2. died out in large numbers from disease.
  3. attacked and killed the strangers.
  4. gave up their traditional ways of life.
Grade 8 Colonial Period
The Dutch in New Netherland prospered by
  1. driving Native Americans from their homelands.
  2. trading guns for furs with the powerful Iroquois Confederacy.
  3. allowing Jews seeking religious freedom to settle in New Amsterdam
  4. trading furs for tobacco with the English settlers in Jamestown
Grade 8 Exploration
During the 1500's, Spanish conquistadors conquered Mexico and most of
  1. North America
  2. Louisiana
  3. South America.
  4. Canada
Grade 8 Colonial Period
Pocahontas helped Jamestown to survive by
  1. bringing peace between the colonists and her people.
  2. showing the colonists how to raise tobacco.
  3. telling the colonists how to raise tobacco.
  4. teaching the colonists how to hunt and fish for food
Grade 8 Exploration
During the Columbian Exchange,                                       travelled between Europe and the Americas.
  1. illegal drugs.
  2. soldiers fighting against the Muslims.
  3. plants, animals, and disease.
  4. Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand.
Grade 8 Exploration
In New France, French fur traders turned Native Americans into
  1. captive slaves.
  2. hired servants.
  3. business partners.
  4. Catholic converts.
Grade 8 Exploration
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