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Grade 10 Evolution
Evolution is the
  1. process of maintaining homeostasis.
  2. process that results in the increase of living material in an organism.
  3. process of accumulating adaptations gradually over time.
  4. none of the above
Grade 10 Evolution
Grade 9 Evolution
Grade 11 Evolution
Grade 7 Evolution
Grade 10 Evolution
Mechanisms of evolution include
  1. the gradualistic model and the punctuational model.
  2. adaptive radiation, co-evolution, convergent evolution, and divergent evolution.
  3. sympatric speciation and allopatric speciation.
  4. natural selection, mutations, genetic drift, and gene flow.
Grade 9 European History
College Ecology
What Contributes to Evolution ?
  1. Nature
  2. Nurture
  3. Neither A or B
  4. Both A and B
Grade 9 Evolution
Evolution is best described as being a
  1. fact.
  2. theory.
  3. principle.
Grade 5 Evolution
Charles Darwin gave to science the theory of
  1. revolution.
  2. evolution.
  3. gravity.
Grade 9 Evolution
Darwin’s theory of evolution suggests that
  1. species change over time.
  2. different species can interbreed.
  3. extinct species are not related to living species.
  4. animals that look alike are the most closely related.
Grade 8 Evolution
Who developed the theory of evolution?
  1. Reginald Punnett
  2. Charles Darwin
  3. Alfred Wegener
  4. Gregor Mendel
Grade 7 Evolution
What was the name of the book Darwin published in 1859?
  1. Evolution Over Time
  2. Darwin and the HMS Beagle
  3. The Origin of Species
  4. The Origin of Evolution
Grade 9 Evolution
Who is renowned as the Father of Evolution?
  1. Gregor Mendel
  2. Charles Darwin
  3. Jean Baptiste Lamarck
Grade 10 Evolution
Which statement describes evolution?
  1. a famous band from the 60s
  2. enzymes that build proteins
  3. structure and function of molecules
  4. change in living things over time
Grade 7 Evolution
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