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Grade 10 Evolution
Evolution is
  1. process of maintaining homeostasis
  2. process that results in the increase of living material in an organism
  3. process of accumulating adaptations gradually over time
  4. none of the above
Grade 11 Evolution
Grade 10 Evolution
Grade 9 Evolution
Grade 8 Conservation and Biodiversity
This occurs when a species dies out.
  1. genotype
  2. evolution
  3. heredity
  4. extinction
Grade 11 Biology
swimming toward or away a chemical stimuli is a behavior known as
  1. photosynthesis
  2. chemotaxis
  3. motility
  4. evolution
Grade 11 Fitness
What do we call the ability to survive and reproduce
  1. selection
  2. evolution
  3. fitness
  4. adaptation
Grade 10 Evolution
Darwin was considered the father of what?
  1. Time
  2. Evolution
  3. Fossils
  4. Weather
Grade 10 Cell Structure and Function
Grade 5 Evolution
What did Charles Darwin give to science?
  1. Theory of Revolution
  2. Theory of Evolution
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