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Grade 5 Prefixes and Suffixes
Choose the definition that best fits the word.

  1. the final game
  2. the first half of the final game
  3. a team that makes the finals
  4. a game that determines part of the final
Grade 6 Parts of Speech
Which word is not a transitional word?
  1. because
  2. finally
  3. then
  4. the
Grade 4 Spelling
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. finaly
  2. finaley
  3. finally
Grade 3 Sequence of Events
Grade 6 Defining Words
final or greatest:
  1. merge
  2. coordinated
  3. sever
  4. ultimate
Grade 4 Defining Words
in the end or finally
  1. eventually
  2. privilege
  3. commitment
  4. version
Grade 5 Spelling
Which is the correct spelling?
  1. finaly
  2. finally
  3. finilly
  4. finially
Grade 9 World Religions
Areas dedicated to honor a god or goddess
  1. Shi Huangdi
  2. shrine
  3. reincarnation
  4. golden age
Grade 3 Spelling
Choose the correctly spelled word.
  1. finelly
  2. fynally
  3. finely
  4. finally
Grade 7 Spelling
Indicate the correct spelling.
  1. finaly
  2. finalle
  3. finnaly
  4. finally
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