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Grade 6 Microbiology
Where do fungi live?
  1. on your hands
  2. warm, damp places
  3. on wood
Grade 8 Protists and Fungi
Grade 9 Protists and Fungi
Grade 9 Protists and Fungi
The purpose of hyphae is to                                .
  1. provide movement for the fungi
  2. provide oxygen for the fungi
  3. provide sight for the fungi
  4. provide an anchor for the fungi
Grade 10 Protists and Fungi
How do Fungi reproduce?
  1. pieces of hyphae
  2. spores
  3. fission
  4. both a and b are correct
Grade 12 Protists and Fungi
What is the primary component of a fungal cell wall?
  1. cellulose
  2. chitin
  3. glycogen
  4. lipids
Grade 12 Protists and Fungi
What is a major role of saprobic fungi in a terrestrial ecosystem?
  1. trap atmospheric carbon dioxide
  2. parasitize plants and animals
  3. break down carbon compounds
  4. serve as pathogens for plants
Grade 12 Protists and Fungi
In the fungal hyphae, which of the following does not occur between karyogamy and plasmogamy?
  1. meiosis
  2. spore formation
  3. mitosis
  4. production of a fruiting body
Grade 12 Protists and Fungi
How do lichens obtain their energy?
  1. through photosynthesis
  2. by decaying organic matter
  3. from parasitizing other plants
  4. from minerals in the soil
Grade 6 Microbiology
What kind of conditions do fungi thrive in?
  1. Dry and hot conditions, such as a desert.
  2. Moist and cold conditions, particularly where there is heavy rainfall year round.
  3. Damp and warm conditions, often in the soil or on rotting plant material.
  4. Dry and cold conditions such as in the tundra areas of the Arctic, where the first layers of soil are permanently frozen.
Grade 12 Protists and Fungi
How do fungi maintain genetic diversity?
  1. They undergo binary fission
  2. They form conidia
  3. They undergo budding
  4. They perform plasmogamy
Grade 12 Protists and Fungi
Which of these is the closest group to the basidiomycota?
  1. the Chytrids
  2. the Ascomycota
  3. the Zygomycota
  4. the Lichens
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