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Grade 5 The History of Jesus
Kindergarten Teachings of the Bible
Grade 6 Latin America and Caribbean
How many gods did the Mayans have?
  1. a few gods
  2. many gods
  3. one god
  4. none
Grade 11 Outer Planets
What god was Jupiter named after?
  1. the king of gods
  2. the messenger of gods
  3. the god of the underworld
  4. the god of war
Grade 12 Teachings of the Bible
Grade 6 Mesopotamia
What is polytheism?
  1. the worship of one god
  2. the worship of many gods
  3. the worship of no god
  4. none of the above
Grade 6 Egypt
What is polytheism?
  1. the belief in no gods
  2. the belief in many gods
  3. the belief in the afterlife
  4. the belief in 12 gods
Grade 2 Creation and the Fall of Man
Who tempted Eve to sin in the Garden of Eden?
  1. Satan, a friend of God
  2. Satan an enemy of God
  3. No one
Grade 10 Defining Words
Grade 9 Living a Godly Life
Communication with God.
  1. metanoia
  2. prayer
  3. grace
Grade 9 Christianity
Everything is God.
  1. Authentic Materialist
  2. Pure Idealist
  3. Complete Monist
  4. True Theist
  5. Christ-centered Theist
Grade 6 Egypt
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