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Grade 7 US Government
Exercise of power under the 10th Amendment is held by what office?
  1. Local Government
  2. National/Federal Government
  3. State Government
Grade 7 US Government
Which level of government exercises power under the 10th amendment?
  1. National/Federal government
  2. Local Government
  3. State Government
Grade 7 US Government
Makes laws for Virginia
  1. Local Government
  2. National/Federal Government
  3. State Government
  4. U.S. Government
Continuing Education Finance
Grade 4 US Government
The government of a city or state is usually called
  1. the local government
  2. the federal government
  3. the congressional government
  4. the senatorial government
Grade 7 US Government
Who makes the laws for the State of Virginia?
  1. Local Government
  2. State Government
  3. National/Federal Government
  4. United States Government
Grade 5 Democratic Foundations
Grade 4 US Government
The government in charge of the nation as a whole is called the
  1. local government
  2. state government
  3. municipal government
  4. federal government
Grade 6 US Government
A government by the consent of the governed is called                    .
  1. checks and balances
  2. reserved powers
  3. popular sovereignty
  4. limited government
Grade 11 Industrialization
What allowed private enterprises to flourish?
  1. minimum government interference
  2. intense government interference
  3. no government interference
Grade 2 Texas
Which government is in charge of the city of El Paso?
  1. Federal government.
  2. Fire department.
  3. State government.
  4. Local government.
Grade 7 Texas
Who built forts along the Texas western frontier to protect settlers from Indian raids?
  1. the state government
  2. the settlers themselves
  3. the U.S. government
  4. the New Mexican government
Grade 6 World Wars
Several parties join together to run a country:
  1. coalition government
  2. bureaucratic government
  3. democracy
  4. city state
Grade 8 Executive Branch
Which principle of American democracy prevents a president from declaring a national religion?
  1. rule of law
  2. limited government
  3. representative government
  4. consent of the governed
Grade 5 Colonial Period
Which BEST describes the type of government established in Jamestown?
  1. rule by a president
  2. rule by a dictator
  3. self-government
  4. no government
Grade 7 US Government
Local Government
  1. Power limited to that delegated by the state
  2. Exercises Power under the 10th amendment
  3. Approves annual budget
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