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Grade 4 US Government
The governor serves in
  1. the federal branch
  2. the executive branch
  3. the legislative branch
  4. the judicial branch
Grade 1 Massachusetts
The governor of Massachusetts is               
  1. Deval Patrick
  2. Thomas Menino
  3. Barack Obama
Grade 12 US Government
Who is responsible for proposing the state budget?
  1. Secretary of State
  2. Lieutenant Governor
  3. Governor
  4. State Auditor
Grade 9 US Government
Who rules in a democracy?
  1. Governors
  2. The citizens
  3. President
  4. Congressmen
Grade 6 US Government
Grade 12 A Lesson Before Dying
Who will give the date for the execution?
  1. Mayor
  2. Governor
  3. Judge
  4. The KKK
Grade 3 Executive Branch
Grade 10 Colonial Period
Grade 4 Colonial Period
Someone chosen by a proprietor, or owner to rule their colony.
  1. proprietor
  2. governor
  3. colonists
  4. legislature
Grade 3 Social Studies Words
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. govener
  2. governer
  3. governor
Grade 3 Executive Branch
Who is the leader of the country's executive branch?
  1. Mayor
  2. President
  3. Governor
  4. Senator
Grade 7 New Mexico
Who passes the laws in the state of New Mexico?
  1. senators
  2. governor
  3. representatives
  4. Legislature
Grade 3 Executive Branch
Who is the leader of a state's executive branch?
  1. the governor
  2. the mayor
  3. the president
Grade 8 Executive Branch
A state sends delegates to the Electoral College to vote for -
  1. a Senator
  2. a Representative
  3. the Governor
  4. the President
Grade 4 Social Studies Words
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. governer
  2. governor
  3. gouvernor
Grade 10 Colonial Period
What were the members of the First Assembly called?
  1. Governors
  2. Judges
  3. Burgesses
  4. Constables
Grade 8 Democratic Foundations
Which of the following had the most power under the state constitutions?
  1. the legislature
  2. the governor
  3. the courts
  4. the colonists
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