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Grade 9 Renaissance and Reformation
Which two ancient cultures did the people living during the Renaissance try to emulate (act or be like)?
  1. Egyptian and Roman
  2. Roman and Greek
  3. Egyptian and Greek
  4. None of the above
Grade 3 Compare and Contrast CCSS: CCRA.R.3, RI.3.3

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What was the biggest difference between the alphabet we use today and the alphabet the Greek used?
  1. The Greek alphabet didn't have vowels.
  2. The Greek alphabet didn't have the letter V.
  3. The Greek alphabet didn't have consonants.
  4. The Greek alphabet didn't have the letter X.
Grade 8 Periodic Table and Elements
Grade 9 History of Theater
Greek theatres . . .
  1. were rooged
  2. had proscenium arches
  3. had box offices
  4. were all outdoors
Grade 9 Egypt
Hieroglyphics is Greek for
  1. Fun and smart
  2. Life and God
  3. Sacred Carving
  4. Love and God
Grade 5 Medieval Europe
Grade 1 Ancient History
What were two of the earliest forms of writing?
  1. Hieroglyphics
  2. Hebrew
  3. Cuneiform
  4. Greek
Grade 6 Medieval Europe
Grade 6 Roman Empire
The first language of Italy was?
  1. Italian
  2. Spanish
  3. Greek
  4. Latin
Grade 7 Roman Empire
Roman art was greatly influenced by,
  1. the Persians
  2. the Egyptians
  3. the Greeks
  4. the Chinese
Grade 9 Ancient History
Grade 6 Greece
The Hellenistic Era represents what?
  1. The beginning of Greek culture, plays, etc
  2. the beginning of greek medicine and science
  3. the Mycenaeans rise to power
  4. The rise of Alexander and the spread of greek ideas
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