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The Canadian government includes which of the following bodies?
  1. House of Delegates
  2. House of Representatives
  3. House of Commons
  4. House of Lords
Grade 2 Pre-Colonial Period
A long house is
  1. a rectangular house
  2. brick house
  3. round house
  4. tree house
Grade 7 Colonial Period
What did the Virginians call their first representative assembly?
  1. The House of Commons
  2. The House of Representatives
  3. The House of Burgesses
  4. The House of Planters
Grade 8 US History
What type of house did the Iroquois live in?
  1. Pit houses
  2. Teepees
  3. Long Houses
  4. Hut Houses
Grade 2 Prefixes and Suffixes
What does it mean to "rebuild" a house?
  1. build the house before
  2. not build a house
  3. build the house again
  4. build the house wrong
Grade 3 Executive Branch
Where does the President live?
  1. The White House
  2. The Little White House
  3. Your house
  4. The Parthenon
Grade 11 US Government
Who is known as the "traffic officers"?
  1. The House Agriculture Committee
  2. The House Rules Committee
  3. The House Police Committee
  4. The House Defense Committee
Grade 4 Pre-Colonial Period
What word means "villages" in Spanish?
  1. tents
  2. pueblos
  3. houses
  4. town houses
Grade 2 The Presidents
Where does the president live?
  1. White House
  2. the museum
  3. your house
Grade 6 Industrialization
Grade 3 Types of Sentences
My house is yellow and your house is blue.
  1. Simple sentence
  2. Compound sentence
Grade 3 Fractions and Ratios CCSS: 3.NF.A.1
If [math]3/5[/math] of the houses have dragon decorations, which statement is true?
Chinese New Year - Dragon
  1. 3 houses have dragon decorations and 5 houses do not
  2. 5 houses have dragon decorations and 8 houses do not
  3. 2 houses have dragon decorations and 3 houses do not
  4. 3 houses have dragon decorations and 2 houses do not
Grade 12 Democratic Foundations
The "Great Compromise" called for a bicameral legislature which was:
  1. one house legislature
  2. two house legislature
Grade 10 Young Adult Literature
Where does Tony take Clay?
  1. to Rosie's
  2. to the theater
  3. to the party house
  4. to Hannah's house
Grade 5 People and Places
The               stores boxes.
  1. ware house
  2. wear house
  3. warehouse
  4. wearhouse
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