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Grade 9 Rocks
Grade 7 Rocks
Basaltic igneous rocks are
  1. light-colored
  2. lower in density than granitic rock
  3. high in silica content
  4. high in iron and magnesium
Grade 8 Rocks
What are the three types of rocks?
  1. Igneous, Sedimentary, Metamorphic
  2. Igneous, Hematite, Feldspar
  3. Mica, Sedimentary, Metamorphic
  4. Pyrite, Sedimentary, Igneous
Grade 6 Rocks
Grade 5 Rocks
Igneous rock is formed from:
  1. crystals left behind when water evaporated
  2. meteorites that fell to Earth
  3. melted rock material that cooled and hardened
  4. layers of sediment that were squeezed together
Grade 6 Rocks
How are igneous rocks formed?
  1. Pressure and heat changes a different kind of rock, making it igneous.
  2. Dirt settles on the bottom of a lake or ocean and is pushed together.
  3. Liquid lava or magma that cools over time.
  4. Plants or animals become covered in dirt, pressed down and preserved.
Grade 7 Rocks
Igneous rocks can be classified as:
  1. Foliated or Nonfoliated
  2. Extrusive or Intrusive
  3. Clastic or Chemical
  4. None of the above
Grade 4 Rocks
Igneous rocks can form:
  1. on Earth's Surface
  2. below Earth's Surface
  3. a and b
Grade 7 Rocks
Igneous rocks are formed from
  1. the shells of small sea creatures.
  2. pebbles and other rocks cemented together.
  3. the remains of living things.
  4. magma.
Grade 8 Rocks
Lava that cools quickly forms                       rocks.
  1. extrusive metamorphic
  2. extrusive igneous
  3. intrusive metamorphic
  4. intrusive igneous
Grade 7 Rocks
Grade 6 Rocks
Igneous come from the word for
  1. cold
  2. heat
  3. rain
  4. fire
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