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Grade 4 Social Studies Words
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. imigrant
  2. immigrant
  3. immigrent
Grade 11 Immigration

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Immigrants after the 1880s were called
  1. Old immigrants
  2. New immigrants
Grade 2 Prefixes
A person who comes into a country
  1. immigrant
  2. inmigrant
Grade 3 Social Studies
To immigrate means to                .
  1. dance
  2. need something
  3. get a new job
  4. move
Grade 4 Social Studies
Grade 2 Immigration
What is an immigrant?
  1. person from America
  2. A type of animal
  3. immigrant is a person who leaves his own country to make his home in another country.
Grade 12 Immigration
The process of giving up one's citizenship is
  1. immigration
  2. expatriation
  3. patriotism
  4. impatriation
Grade 9 Social Studies
The movement of people from one place to another is called
  1. immigration
  2. emigration
  3. irrigation
  4. migration
Grade 10 US Government
The process in which a person becomes a citizen:
  1. citizenship
  2. naturalization
  3. migration
  4. immigration .
Grade 7 Defining Words
This word means " to treat a person badly."
  1. exhibit
  2. immigrant
  3. persecute
  4. declare
Grade 5 Social Studies Words
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. imigrant
  2. imigrent
  3. immigrant
Grade 4 Civil War
Grade 2 Geography
Grade 3 Social Studies
What are relatives that lived in past times called?
  1. immigrants
  2. ancestors
  3. friends
  4. parents
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