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Grade 12 US Government
Our government is compromised of three branches of government:
  1. Executive
  2. Judicial
  3. Legislative
  4. All the above
Grade 9 US Government
Grade 5 Colonial Period
Which BEST describes the type of government established in Jamestown?
  1. rule by a president
  2. rule by a dictator
  3. self-government
  4. no government
Grade 6 World Wars
Several parties join together to run a country:
  1. coalition government
  2. bureaucratic government
  3. democracy
  4. city state
Grade 5 US Laws and Amendments
The Bill of Rights was designed to limit the power of                        .
  1. the federal government
  2. state governments
  3. individual citizens
  4. businesses
Grade 12 Economics
Grade 12 US Government
Which form of government is known as the "government by the people?"
  1. Direct Democracy
  2. Republic
  3. Monarchy
  4. Unitary System
Continuing Education Finance
Grade 6 US Government
Which of the following choices is NOT a primary role of local government?
  1. Local government collect taxes
  2. Local government enforces the Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  3. Local government provides services
  4. Local government makes laws
  5. Local government gives people a voice
Grade 9 Greece
City-States are                                                    .
  1. sovereign cities that govern themselves
  2. sovereign nations that govern themselves
  3. local governments that control a number of cities
  4. national governments that control a number of cities
Grade 6 Prefixes and Suffixes
The Greek word root "demo" means people and the word root "cracy" means government. What does democracy mean?
  1. autocratic form of government
  2. rule by wealthy landowners; oligarchy
  3. government run by a monarch
  4. government run by the people
Grade 12 US Government
Who are bureaucrats?
  1. administrators of the federal government
  2. skilled experts of the federal government
  3. unskilled workers for the federal government
  4. both a and b
None The Frontier
The Red River War (1874) was a battle between who?
  1. US Government Soldiers and the Indians
  2. US Government Soldiers and the Buffalo Hunters
  3. US Government Soldiers and the Ranchers
Grade 7 US Government
Grade 3 US Government
The President and Congress are part of the
  1. national government
  2. state government
  3. Supreme Court
  4. Smithsonian Institution
Grade 8 Early National Era
The French term laissez faire is closest in meaning to which of the following?
  1. no government interference
  2. fair government
  3. fair taxation
  4. economic regulation
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