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Grade 6 Waves and Sound
Choose the 2 answers that are examples of invisible light.
  1. Ultraviolet
  2. Ultrasonic
  3. Full spectrum
  4. Infrared
Grade 6 Verbs
Grade 3 Waves and Sound
Light is
  1. only from the sun
  2. is a form of energy
  3. a form of electricity
Grade 3 Light and Optics
What type of light does a light bulb give off?
  1. Red light
  2. Black Light
  3. White Light
  4. No Light
Grade 4 Waves and Sound
Most of the light that reaches your eyes is
  1. refracted light
  2. convex light
  3. reflected light
Grade 6 Waves and Sound
The waves that are responsible for causing a sunburn are
  1. visible light
  2. infrared light
  3. ultraviolet light
Grade 4 Light and Optics
Scientists refer to sunlight as                .
  1. rainbow
  2. black light
  3. purple light
  4. white light
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