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Grade 5 The Frontier
Which was not included in the instructions from President Jefferson for dealing with the Indians?
  1. bring back the party safely
  2. deal with the indians in a friendly manner
  3. decisions of risk were up to the corps
  4. collect information no matter the cost
Grade 1 Colonial Period
What was one of the reasons why the French were winning the French & Indian War at the beginning?
  1. The French knew how to fight sneakily in the forests and the British did not.
  2. The French had a lot more gold.
  3. The French had faster ships.
  4. The French wore bright red uniforms so they were easy to see.
Grade 1 Colonial Period
In the book, "The Matchlock Gun," who did Edward's father go to fight against?
  1. The British
  2. The American colonists
  3. The French and the Indians
  4. The Spanish
Grade 1 Colonial Period
What did the French and the British sign to end the French & Indian War?
  1. The Revolutionary War
  2. The Declaration of Independence
  3. The Treaty of Paris
  4. The Magna Carta
Grade 1 Colonial Period
In the book, "The Last of the Mohicans", which side did Heyward fight on?
  1. The French
  2. The British
  3. The Hurons
  4. The American colonists
Grade 1 Colonial Period
Why is the French & Indian War sometimes called the "Seven Years War"?
  1. It took 7 years to get the Native Americans to help them fight.
  2. It took 7 years for the French to sail over and fight the British.
  3. The British and French had been friends for 7 years before the war.
  4. It lasted 7 years.
Grade 2 Social Studies Words
Choose the word that is written correctly.
  1. Indains
  2. Indianes
  3. Indians
  4. indians
Grade 3 North Carolina
Who were the first people in North Carolina?
  1. Cherokee Indians
  2. Native Indians
  3. American Indians
  4. Iroquois Indians
Grade 2 Pre-Colonial Period
Salmon, whale, and trout were very important foods for the
  1. Woodland Indians
  2. Southwest Indians
  3. Northwest Indians
  4. Plains Indians
Grade 4 The Frontier
Who lived in California before the gold rush?
  1. Hopi Indians
  2. Seminole Indians
  3. Plains Indians
  4. Kwakiutl Indians
Grade 4 Pre-Colonial Period
Which of these were the first people to occupy what is now called Utah?
  1. Desert Gatherers
  2. Navajo Indian
  3. Fremont Indian
  4. Paleo Indian
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