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Grade 6 Acids and Bases
Grade 4 Defining Words
Capable of being relied on; trustworthy:
  1. indicate
  2. dependable
  3. previous
  4. response
Grade 6 Properties of Matter
Grade 11 Vocabulary
became VERY ANGRY waiting in line
  1. indicative
  2. incensed
  3. inscrutable
  4. infallible
Grade 9 Defining Words
to melt or cause to melt; to warm up gradually
  1. vanity
  2. disappear
  3. thaw
  4. indicate
Grade 6 Tenses
Grade 6 Tenses
Grade 6 Tenses
What mood is the verb?
How did they create the elaborate sculpture?
  1. indicative
  2. emphatic
  3. imperative
  4. subjunctive
Grade 8 Tenses
Grade 4 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
Grade 4 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
Grade 5 Defining Words CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.5.4
make available
  1. provide
  2. indicate
  3. suggested
  4. necessary
Grade 10 Vocabulary
In only a few words
  1. briefly
  2. eternal
  3. indicated
  4. represented
Grade 9 Verbs
Grade 5 Defining Words
a situation in which people are treated very unfairly
  1. Inundate
  2. Indicate
  3. Injustice
  4. Influence
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