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Grade 1 Prefixes and Suffixes
What is the meaning of the word below?

  1. to invent
  2. want to invent
  3. a person who invents
Grade 7 Industrialization
What impact did Thomas Edison have on American society?
  1. Discovered electricity
  2. Invented the light bulb
  3. Invented the telephone
  4. Invented the telegram
Grade 10 Social Studies
Match the following group of people with the ideas or inventions they are famous for creating. One answer will be used twice.
1. James Watt
2. Adam Smith
3. Thomas Edison
4. Samuel Morse
5. Karl Marx
6. Alexander Graham Bell
  1. Invented the telegraph
  2. Invented the telephone
  3. Father of Communism
  4. Invented the steam engine
  5. Wrote the Principles of Capitalism
  6. Invented electric power
  7. Wrote the Communist Manifesto
Grade 1 Social Studies
Grade 6 Defining Words
  1. not often
  2. imaginative and creative
  3. happening soon
  4. to make up for
Grade 8 Adjectives
What is the adjective clause?

The builders used no wheels, which were invented later.
  1. wheels
  2. The builders used
  3. invented later
  4. which were invented later
Grade 6 STEM Words
Grade 3 STEM Words
Choose the word that is spelled correctly.
  1. invenion
  2. invention
  3. invension
Grade 1 Social Studies
A story about the past is the __________.
  1. communication
  2. history
  3. invention
Grade 4 Capitalization and Punctuation

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Which choice correctly rewrites sentence 4?
  1. It is invented by a pushcart peddler in New york.
  2. It was invented by a pushcart peddler in new york.
  3. It was invented by a pushcart peddler in New York.
  4. Correct as is.
Continuing Education Engineering Technology
Innovative means:
  1. to be able to be invented
  2. creative and newly invented
  3. to be immune to a disease
  4. when the body is hydrated
Grade 4 Defining Words
to create something new or different
  1. manufacture
  2. invent
  3. memory
  4. convince
Grade 6 Defining Words
A person who has confidence in the truth of something
  1. inventer
  2. believer
  3. creator
  4. director
Grade 1 Parts of Speech
Grade 5 Defining Words
Opinion of what to do about something
  1. invented
  2. version
  3. advice
  4. model
Grade 4 Defining Words
To find the size of something
  1. measure
  2. dashing
  3. invent
  4. engine
Grade 4 Defining Words
Having to race or move fast
  1. engine
  2. measure
  3. invent
  4. dashing
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