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Grade 8 Formation of the USA
Grade 8 Democratic Foundations
Grade 5 Early National Era
Grade 5 The Frontier
Grade 11 Teachings of the Bible
James is most likely?
  1. An early first-century cattle farmer
  2. The leader of the Apostolic Conference (Acts 15)
  3. A pre-cursor to the Catholic faith
  4. The last Apostle to die
  5. A common first-century name, thus making it difficult to prove the author
Grade 4 Indiana
Hoosier James Oliver invented?
  1. the reaper
  2. the chill plow
  3. crop rotation
  4. horse and buggy
Grade 4 The Presidents
James Madison is from...
  1. Texas
  2. Maine
  3. North Carolina
  4. New York
  5. Virginia
Grade 2 Colonial Period
James Oglethorpe and Tomochichi were
  1. enemies
  2. friends
  3. cousins
Grade 8 World History
Grade 8 Democratic Foundations
James Madison was given the name................
  1. Father of America
  2. Godfather of the Nation
  3. Friend of the Slaves
  4. Father of the Constitution
Grade 2 Colonial Period
James Oglethorpe treated Indians with
  1. kindness
  2. disrespect
  3. charity
Grade 10 Twentieth Century and Modern - 1900-2000
James P. Johnson was considered                             
  1. father of stride piano
  2. founder of the piano
  3. father of all jazz musicians
  4. most extraodinaire pianist
Grade 5 The Frontier
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