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Grade 6 Possessives
Grade 8 Teachings of the Bible
In John 7:39, when was the Spirit given?
  1. When Jesus was baptized
  2. When Jesus was crucified
  3. After Jesus was glorified
  4. When Jesus was born
Grade 3 Teachings of the Bible
The Passion of Christ means:
  1. the friends Jesus made
  2. the way Jesus prayed
  3. the suffering of Jesus
  4. how Jesus found his disciples
Grade 8 The History of Jesus
Kindergarten Teachings of the Bible
Grade 7 The History of Jesus
How does the world feel about Jesus?
  1. The world loves Jesus
  2. The world hates Jesus
  3. The world doesn't care - it is indifferent to Jesus
  4. The world wants to be Jesus' friend
Grade 9 The History of Jesus
Jesus is                           
  1. 50% Divine and 50% Human
  2. 75% Divine and 25% Human
  3. 100% Divine and 0% Human
  4. 100% Divine and 100% Human
  5. 25% Divine and 75% Human
Grade 2 Teachings of the Bible
Grade 8 The History of Jesus
According to Matthew, what is something Jesus did NOT do that may have offended the Jews?
  1. Jesus did not keep the Sabbath
  2. Jesus preached that the old laws shouldn't be followed
  3. Jesus threw the money lenders out of Jerusalem
  4. Jesus was against the Romans
Grade 7 The History of Jesus
Grade 1 Creation and the Fall of Man
Who is our Creator ?
  1. Mary
  2. God
  3. Jesus
Grade 6 The History of Jesus
Grade 10 Teachings of the Bible
Grade 7 Greece

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Who were the Olympics held in honor of?
  1. Ceasar
  2. Zeus
  3. Jesus
  4. Hermes
Grade 8 Christianity
Grade 1 Teachings of the Bible
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