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Grade 9 Culinary Skills
Which is not a required part of a recipe?
  1. ingredients
  2. cooking time
  3. equipment needed
  4. nutritional values
Grade 2 Children's Literature
Grade 2 Children's Literature
Mickey yelled, "Quiet down there!" What happened next?
  1. They quieted down.
  2. He fell down to the kitchen.
  3. He crawled under his covers.
  4. They decided it was time for bed.
Grade 2 Children's Literature
Who was the main character in the story?
  1. Joey
  2. Mickey
  3. Henrietta
  4. Mrs. Rogers
Grade 2 Children's Literature
Where did Mickey get milk from?
  1. a cow
  2. the store
  3. the Milky Way
  4. his refrigerator
Grade 2 Children's Literature
Who is the author of the story?
  1. Mickey
  2. Unknown
  3. Maurice Sendak
  4. The Night Bakers
Grade 2 Children's Literature
What did the main character do?
  1. helped the bakers bake cake
  2. decided to stay up all night long
  3. looked for monsters under the bed
  4. went to the kitchen for a glass of water
Grade 2 Children's Literature
During what time of day did the story take place?
  1. in the morning
  2. in the afternoon
  3. in the early evening
  4. in the middle of the night
Grade 10 Kitchen Equipment and Tools
What is the area set up in a kitchen for the easiest access to work stations called?
  1. The kitchen square
  2. The kitchen circle
  3. The kitchen triangle
  4. The kitchen octagon
Grade 10 Kitchen Safety and Sanitation
Grade 1 People and Places CCSS: CCRA.L.5, L.1.5, L.1.5c
Which choice describes a place that is WILD?
  1. a kitchen
  2. a jungle
  3. a bathroom
  4. a farm
Grade 5 Periodic Table and Elements
None Zoology
What do ants live together in?
  1. kitchens
  2. classrooms
  3. nests
  4. underwater
Grade 7 Sentence Structure
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