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Grade 4 Economics
Grade 7 Context Clues
In the sentence below, what does the word laborer mean?
The laborers arrived to work in the textile mill in the early morning hours.
  1. a worker who sits at a desk all day
  2. a person who does not have to work
  3. a worker who uses their hands, feet, or legs for pay
Grade 4 Industrialization

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What is a labor union?
  1. A group of people who work together and are on a golf team together.
  2. A group of workers who want to work more hours.
  3. A workers' group than helps run a company.
  4. A workers' group that fights for better working conditions and pay.
Grade 11 Industrialization
Which factor most limited the growth of labor unions during the late 1800s?
  1. Most businesses were very hostile towards workers' efforts to organize.
  2. The Federal Government declared that unions were illegal.
  3. Most factory workers were satisfied with their wages and working conditions
Grade 4 Industrialization
How did labor unions make their employers consider their demands for improvement?
  1. They had a party to celebrate.
  2. They didn't make any demands for improvement.
  3. They had a friendly chat with the employers.
  4. They had a strike- workers refused to work.
Grade 2 Economics
Labor is                                  .
  1. something someone does for money.
  2. something someone does for fun.
  3. a thing you can touch.
  4. whether the cost is worth it.
Grade 12 Economics
This skill level of labor requires some training.
  1. Unskilled labor
  2. Semiskilled labor
  3. Skilled labor
  4. Professional labor
Grade 12 Economics
This level of labor requires the highest amount of education.
  1. Unskilled labor
  2. Semiskilled labor
  3. Skilled labor
  4. Professional labor
Grade 7 Colonial Period
Slave Labor
  1. Forced labor that was mainly used in the southern colonies
  2. Law that said colonies who pay their way to Virginia will receive 50 acres of land for each person they bring
  3. Leader of the Puritans
  4. Document giving colonists permission to settle in a certain area
  5. Document the Pilgrims signed to govern their colony
  6. Laborers who worked for 3 - 7 years in exchange for payment to America
  7. Trade laws the English put in place to control the American colonies
  8. Founded Pennsylvania
Continuing Education Business Technology
Grade 8 Industrialization

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An early slogan of labor reformers was
  1. Work hard, work long, and our reward will be more of the good life.
  2. Eight hours for work, eight hours for sleep, and eight hours for God and the brethren.
  3. All for the factory, all for the boss, all for the success of American business.
  4. Right and proper, right and good, our betters know what is best for us.
Grade 4 Colonial Period
Grade 12 US Government
Which is NOT a type of economic based interest group?
  1. Business
  2. Labor
  3. Agricultural
  4. Educational
Grade 6 Roman Empire
What did the Romans not use slaves for?
  1. construction
  2. army
  3. labor
  4. farming
Grade 4 Social Studies
Grade 11 Great Depression
Grade 10 Business Technology
The three factors of production include:
  1. land, labor, capital
  2. capital, labor, money
  3. money, labor, land
  4. labor, land, entrepreneurship
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