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Grade 9 Atmosphere
The earth's polar areas lie in the
  1. mid-latitudes.
  2. high latitudes.
  3. major latitudes.
  4. low latitudes.
Grade 10 Themes of Geography
Latitude lines:
  1. run north and south of the equator
  2. run east and west of the Prime Meridian
  3. meet at the poles
  4. have a maximum of 180 degrees
Grade 8 Themes of Geography
Lines of latitude are
  1. Imaginary lines that run east to west
  2. Imaginary lines that run north-south
Grade 4 Map Components
The lines of latitude                                              .
  1. Never touch
  2. Are parallel to the equator and to each other
  3. Look like the letter H
  4. Both A and B are correct
Grade 9 Atmosphere
Places located in the                 have warm to hot climates.
  1. high latitudes
  2. rain shadow
  3. low latitudes
  4. mid-latitudes
Grade 6 Culture
Which of the following is an element of culture?
  1. landforms
  2. latitude
  3. geography
  4. sports
Grade 4 STEM Words
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. latitude
  2. lattitude
  3. laditude
Grade 6 Geography
One half of the Earth's surface is called:
  1. Longitude
  2. Latitude
  3. Grid
  4. Hemisphere
Grade 4 Map Components
Grade 7 Culture
Many Cultures
  1. resource
  2. multicultural
  3. region
  4. latitude
Grade 9 Economics
Grade 7 Themes of Geography
Locating or being located; position; place
  1. equator
  2. location
  3. longitude
  4. latitude
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