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Grade 5 American Revolution
Grade 5 Formation of the USA
Grade 3 Industrialization
Which is NOT an accomplishment of Lewis Latimer?
  1. He did special drawings of a telephone.
  2. He invented a way to develop a picture.
  3. He worked on lamps and light bulbs with Edison.
  4. He helped many cities light their communities.
Grade 7 Early National Era
Grade 5 The Frontier
Who accompanied Lewis on his expedition?
  1. William Lewis
  2. Lewis Clark
  3. William Clark
  4. Meriwether Clark
Grade 11 Rhetoric and Propaganda
Grade 12 Acids and Bases
The following substance is not a Lewis acid
  1. [math]NH_3[/math]
  2. [math]BF_3[/math]
  3. [math]CaCl_2[/math]
  4. [math]AlCl_3[/math]
Grade 9 Formation of the USA
The Lewis & Clark expedition travelled about:
  1. 7000 miles in less than 3 years
  2. 3000 miles in less than 2 years
  3. 2500 miles in 11 months
  4. 1500 miles in 11 months
Grade 2 The Frontier
What was a "pirogue" that Lewis and Clark traveled in?
  1. A small car.
  2. A wagon pulled by a horse.
  3. A dugout canoe.
  4. A big ship.
Grade 11 Bonds and Mixing
A dash in a Lewis-dot structure represents
  1. one electron
  2. two electrons
  3. four electrons
  4. unpaired electrons
Grade 8 Periodic Table and Elements
Grade 5 The Frontier
Trails leading to the west were created by
  1. Pioneers
  2. Native Americans
  3. African Americans
  4. Lewis and Clark
Grade 8 Periodic Table and Elements
Grade 5 The Frontier
The character of which tribe most impressed Lewis?
  1. Wollawollah
  2. Sokulk
  3. Killimuck
  4. Minnetaree
Grade 11 The Frontier
Lewis and Clark explored American territory acquired in the -
  1. Mexican Cession
  2. Louisiana Purchase
  3. Gadsden Purchase
  4. Adams-On'­s Treaty
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