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None Cities, States, and Countries

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  1. Nebraska
  2. Colorado
  3. California
  4. Montana
Grade 4 US Geography
What is the capital of the following three states in this order.
Kansas, Nebraska, and Indiana
  1. Lincoln, Luscious, and School
  2. Topeka, Tiki, Lincoln
  3. Topeka, Lincoln, Indianapolis
Grade 5 Civil War
Lincoln was assassinated...
  1. At Appomattoz courthouse
  2. During the first act of the play
  3. One week after the war ended
  4. Two days after he was elected
Grade 5 Civil War
Grade 8 Reconstruction
Lincoln and Johnson
  1. both favored "hard" plans for Reconstruction.
  2. differed in their plans for Reconstruction.
  3. both favored lenient plans for Reconstruction.
  4. both received full support from Congress for their Reconstruction plans.
Grade 3 The Presidents
Grade 5 Civil War
Who was the President of the United States during the Civil War?
  1. Jefferson Davis
  2. Robert E. Lee
  3. Abraham Lincoln
  4. Ulysses S. Grant
Grade 3 The Presidents
Grade 1 The Presidents
Grade 3 The Presidents
Abraham Lincoln's picture is on the                             .
  1. quarter and ten dollar bill
  2. penny and five dollar bill
  3. nickel and fifty dollar bill
  4. half dollar
Grade 1 US History
What was Lincoln's nickname?
  1. Stilts
  2. Truthful Lincoln
  3. Honest Abe
Grade 5 Civil War
Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by                         .
  1. Robert E. Lee
  2. George Washington Carver
  3. John Wilkes Booth
  4. Hiram Revels
Grade 8 Civil War
The Lincoln-Douglas debates
  1. centered around the issue of slavery with Lincoln trying to portray Douglas as a pro-slavery supporter of the Dred Scott case while Douglas painted Lincoln as a radical abolitionist who wanted immediate emancipation.
  2. were held to decide who would be elected president.
  3. had Lincoln arguing for the right of states to decide the issue of slavery.
  4. resulted in Lincoln winning the Illinois Senate race.
The Presidents
Grade 3 The Presidents
Abraham Lincoln is known as
  1. the Father of our Country
  2. the Great Emancipator
  3. the author of the Declaration of Independence
  4. the Sage of Mount Vernon
Grade 5 Civil War
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