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Grade 4 Pennsylvania
Who is the governor of Pennsylvania?
  1. Ed Rendel
  2. Tim Murphy
  3. Tom Corbett
  4. Luke Ravenstahl
Grade 3 Georgia
Who is the Executive Leader of Warner Robins, Georgia?
  1. Senator Tom Hanks
  2. Governor Nathan Deal
  3. Mayor Randy Toms
  4. President Barack Obama
Grade 3 Pinocchio
Who was Master Cherry?
  1. The local carpenter
  2. The local house maker
  3. The local butcher
Grade 7 US Government
Local Government
  1. Power limited to that delegated by the state
  2. Exercises Power under the 10th amendment
  3. Approves annual budget
Grade 9 US Government
Grade 3 Arkansas
Continuing Education Circulatory and Immune Systems
Grade 5 Vowel Sounds
Grade 3 US Government
Grade 4 US Government
Grade 3 Executive Branch
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