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Grade 10 Absolutism
Grade 12 Foreign Languages
Il « règne » pour 4 ans de la prison.
  1. Louis XVIII
  2. Louis XVI
  3. Louis XIV
  4. Charles x
Grade 12 Foreign Languages
Il a restauré la monarchie après Napoléon.
  1. Louis XVI
  2. Louis XIV
  3. Charles X
  4. Louis XVIII
Grade 9 Absolutism
Who was known as the "Sun King"
  1. Henry IV
  2. Louis X
  3. Louis XIV
Grade 10 French Revolution
Which list of French leaders in the correct chronological order?
  1. Louis XVI Napeoleon Robespierre
  2. Robespierre Napoleaon Louis XVI
  3. Louis XVI Robespierre Napoleaon
  4. Napoleon Louis XVI Robespierre
Grade 8 Absolutism
King Louis XVI inherited the throne from:
  1. Louis XV
  2. Louis XIV
  3. Francis XV
  4. Marie Theresa
Grade 8 Modern Europe
College Microbiology
What was Louis Pasteur NOT responsible for?
  1. discovering fermentation
  2. determining the nature of disease
  3. disproving spontaneous generation
  4. isolating pure bacterial cultures
Grade 8 Early National Era
Which French leader sold the Louisiana Territory?
  1. Louis XVI
  2. Charles X
  3. Napoleon I
  4. Louis Napoleon
College Microbiology
Who discovered Archaea?
  1. Carl Woese and George Fox
  2. Carl Woese and Louis Pasteur
  3. George Fox and Louis Pasteur
  4. Louis Pasteur
Grade 10 Absolutism
Who ruled as Regent of France until Louis came of age?
  1. Phillipe D' Orleans
  2. Louis Henri de Bourbon
  3. Louis Phillipe
  4. Cardinal Mazarin
Grade 9 Twentieth Century and Modern - 1900-2000
Louis Jordan went to what college?
  1. Arkansas Univeristy
  2. Oklahoma State University
  3. Texas A & M
  4. Arkansas Baptist College
Grade 11 French Revolution
Who was Louis XVI's minister of the Interior?
  1. Marquis de Lafayette
  2. Jean-Marie Roland
  3. Nicolas Condorcet
  4. Jérôme Pétion
Grade 4 The Frontier
Where did Louis and Clark's journey begin?
  1. Fort Clatsop
  2. Bitterroot Mountains
  3. Fort Mandan
  4. St. Louis
Grade 3 Capitalization CCSS: CCRA.L.2, L.3.2
Which sentence is capitalized correctly?
  1. Mom and I rode the train to St. Louis, Missouri.
  2. Mom and i rode the train to St. Louis, missouri.
  3. Mom and I rode the train to st. louis, missouri.
  4. Mom and I rode the train to st. Louis, Missouri.
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