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Continuing Education Medical Terms
  1. mechano
  2. phak
  3. neo
  4. pan
Grade 8 Simple Machines
Grade 9 Simple Machines
A device that does work with only one movement is called a
  1. pulley
  2. compound machine
  3. force
  4. simple machine
Grade 11 Artificial Intelligence
The word "robots" is attributed to:
  1. A machine that can speak
  2. A machine that can move
  3. A machine that respondes to stimuli
Grade 5 Simple Machines
What is a machine?
  1. something that make work easier
  2. attracts money
  3. eats bugs and rats
  4. all the above
Grade 5 Simple Machines
Grade 2 Simple Machines
An object that does work.
  1. boulder
  2. cliff
  3. machine
  4. planet
College Screws, Nails, and Fasteners
Grade 6 Simple Machines
The decrease in effort that is needed to move an object is called
  1. simple machine
  2. mechanical advantage
  3. work
  4. compound machine
Grade 4 Economics
Grade 5 Simple Machines
A simple machine helps do what?
  1. force
  2. simple machines
  3. work
Grade 2 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
Grade 6 Simple Machines
A push or pull that can move a load is the
  1. gear
  2. lever
  3. effort
  4. machine
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