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Grade 8 Tenses
Grade 5 Defining Words
What does the word indicated mean?
  1. explained
  2. found
  3. meant
  4. showed
None Everyday People and Places

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Grade 6 Rocks
What is meant by the texture of a rock?
  1. how its grains look
  2. the color of the rock
  3. the hardness of the rock
College Public Health
What is meant by expanding Medicaid?
  1. Changing the income requirements so that more people can access Medicaid
  2. Changing the income requirements to prevent more people from accessing Medicaid
  3. Increasing the number of services covered under Medicaid
  4. Changing Medicaid to be a federal program instead of a state and federal program
Grade 4 Democratic Foundations
To "Establish Justice" meant.....
  1. to make certain all citizens are treated equally and fairly.
  2. to become a judge, and pass judgement on criminals.
  3. To meet Victoria Justice at an awesome show and hang out with her afterwards.
Grade 10 Conservation and Biodiversity
Grade 4 Civil War
The fugitive slave clause meant:
  1. All slaves were allowed to become fugitives.
  2. The North must return the fugitive slaves they were protecting.
  3. Any fugitive slave would be punished.
  4. Fugitive slaves would be sent back to Africa.
Grade 4 Democratic Foundations
To "Insure domestic tranquility" meant
  1. To make sure that domestic pets were happy and free to choose which homes they lived in.
  2. To demand that all people act in a tranquil manner.
  3. to keep peace among the people.
Grade 12 Kinetics and Equilibrium
What is meant by an elementary step?
  1. Two or more collisions
  2. The rate-determining step
  3. The most effective collision
  4. One collision or vibration
Grade 4 Democratic Foundations
To "provide for the common defense" meant.....
  1. Everyone had to defend those who had thoughts in common with them.
  2. to maintain armed forces to protect the country and its citizens
  3. To make sure that everyone joined the same team for wars.
Grade 6 Mesopotamia

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The development of agriculture meant that
  1. early people had to become nomads.
  2. there was no longer a need for water.
  3. crops could be grown in the tundra.
  4. people had a reliable food source.
Grade 11 Respiration, Digestion, and Excretion
Grade 4 Democratic Foundations
To "Promote General Welfare" meant
  1. to make sure everyone was generally healthy.
  2. to only allow people to do things that were healthy.
  3. to help guard citizens against poverty, hunger and disease.
Grade 10 Anatomical Organization
Grade 11 American Revolution
The arrival of Marquis de Lafayette meant that
  1. George Washington had failed as a leader.
  2. American victory was imminent.
  3. American troops gained reinforcement and confidence.
  4. France would dictate the terms of peace between America and Britain.
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