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Grade 9 Scientific Method
This is the factor in an experiment that is manipulated.
  1. the independent variable
  2. the constant
  3. hypothesis
  4. the dependent variable
Grade 3 Scientific Method
Observations occur in which part of the scientific method?
  1. Ask a question
  2. Test your hypothesis
  3. Research your topic
  4. Record your results
Grade 9 Scientific Method
What is the first step to the scientific method?
  1. collect and analyze data
  2. conduct the experiment
  3. state the problem to be investigated
  4. draw a conclusion based upon the observations
Grade 9 Scientific Method
What is the SECOND step of the scientific method?
  1. state the problem
  2. design the experiment
  3. record and analyze the data
  4. state the hypothesis
Grade 8 Scientific Method
Grade 10 Scientific Method
Grade 9 Scientific Method
A scientist is investigating a new treatment for a disease that affects thousands of people. Many people with this disease volunteer to be part of the study. Which of the following is an ethical concern that the scientist must address before conducting the study?
  1. The scientist must ensure that the treatment will be effective.
  2. The scientist must ensure that the study's results will not be shared with other scientists.
  3. The scientist must inform the volunteers about the potential dangers of participating in the study.
  4. The scientist must demonstrate the treatment on him or herself.
Grade 3 Scientific Method
The best way to test your hypothesis is to
  1. follow the directions to an experiment and record your observations.
  2. follow the directions to an experiment.
  3. write what your partner thinks.
  4. look up the answer in a book.
Grade 7 Scientific Method
Which of the following is NOT a part of a well-designed experiment?
  1. a control
  2. multiple trials
  3. a reproducible procedure
  4. small sample sizes
Grade 7 Scientific Method
Colby wants to learn more about the feeding habits of ants.

What steps should Colby take in order to best study the patterns of ants?
  1. form a hypothesis, conduct an experiment, record data, make a conclusion
  2. conduct an experiment, form an hypothesis, make a conclusion, record data
  3. form a hypothesis, record data, conduct an experiment, make a conclusion
  4. record data, form a hypothesis, makes a conclusion, conduct an experiment
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