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Grade 10 Atomic Structure

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Grade 10 Scientific Methods and Applications
A road map is an example of a
  1. graphical model.
  2. mathematical model.
  3. conceptual model.
  4. correlation.
College Medical Practices
Which model started the HMO (health maintenance organization) movement?
  1. Kaiser model
  2. Hoover model
  3. Flexnor model
  4. none of the above
Grade 6 Lab Practices and Tools
Which of the following statements describes a limitation of models?
  1. models are large enough to be seen
  2. models do not act exactly like the things that they model
  3. models are smaller than the thing that they model
  4. models use familiar things to model unfamiliar things
Grade 10 Scientific Methods and Applications
Grade 8 Scientific Methods and Applications
Which is an example of a conceptual model?
  1. model airplane
  2. clay car in a wind tunnel
  3. model of a galaxy forming
  4. tub of water modeling temperatures in the oceans
Grade 11 Quantum Physics and the Atom
Which of the following formed the basis for the old quantum theory?
  1. Bohr’s atomic model
  2. Schrodinger’s model
  3. Wien’s hypothesis
  4. Planck’s law
Grade 2 Scientific Method
What is one way a model can help you solve a problem?
  1. A model can fit on the table.
  2. A model is something you can build.
  3. A model can show how parts fit together.
Grade 6 Spelling
Choose the correct spelling
  1. model
  2. madle
  3. modle
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