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Grade 4 Geomorphology
Grade 5 Geomorphology
A mountain is a
  1. a low area of land between hills or mountains
  2. a deep valley with steep sides that is usually formed by a river
  3. high area of land that is much taller than the land around it and bigger than a hill
  4. a high, steep surface made of rock, soil or ice.
College Geomorphology
A mountain or mountain building event
  1. Fault
  2. Caldera
  3. Orogeny
  4. Rifting
  5. Tumuli
Grade 7 North American Geography
What mountain range stretches from Alabama, in the United States, to Quebec,in Canada?
  1. Rocky Mountains
  2. Appalachian Mountains
  3. Smoky Mountains
  4. Himalayas
Grade 4 Asian Geography
Grade 5 US Geography
Which of the following are the largest mountain ranges in the United States?
  1. Ozark Mountains and Appalachian Mountains
  2. Coastal Mountains and Cascade Mountains
  3. Rocky Mountains and Appalachian Mountains
  4. Sierra Nevada and Rocky Mountains
Grade 6 US Geography
The                       are the largest mountain system in North America.
  1. Rocky Mountains
  2. Appalachian Mountains
  3. Nova Scotia Mountains
  4. Lawrence Mountains
Grade 4 US Geography
What is the name of one of the set of mountains in Arizona?
  1. Yuma Mountains
  2. Everest Mountains
  3. San Pedro Mountains
  4. White Mountains
Grade 5 US Geography
Which Mountain Range is closest to California?
  1. Appalachian Mountains
  2. Rocky Mountains
  3. Ozark Mountains
  4. Cascade Mountains
Grade 8 Latin American Geography
What is the longest continuing mountain range in the world?
  1. Rocky Mountains
  2. Allegheny Mountains
  3. Andes Mountains
  4. Smokey Mountains
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