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Grade 7 Botany
What are the reversible and repeatable movements of a plant?
  1. nastic movements
  2. dance movements
  3. diploid movements
  4. vascular movements
Grade 9 Rhetoric and Propaganda
College Medical Practices
The hacking technique is performed with which movement:
  1. free wrist movement
  2. bending elbow movement
  3. circular finger movement
  4. light vibrational movement
Grade 2 Civil Rights
What was the name of the movement that Martin Luther King Jr. was a part of?
  1. The Civil War Movement
  2. The Civil Equality Movement
  3. The Civil Rights Movement
Grade 12 Civil Rights
This movement had its origins in 1950s and achieved many societal changes during the 1960s starting as a nonviolent movement.
  1. Civil Rights Movement
  2. Civil Disobedience Movement
  3. American Civil Liberties Movement
  4. Black Power Movement
Grade 7 Defining Words
What does the word GYRATION mean?
  1. A rapid movement in a straight line
  2. A rapid movement in weird line
  3. A rapid movement in a circle or spiral
  4. A rapid eye movement
Grade 8 Civil Rights
What is the name of the literary, intellectual, and artistic movement that took place in New York during the 1920s?
  1. The Hip Hop Culture Movement
  2. The Civil Rights Movement
  3. The Harlem Renaissance
  4. The Black Power Movement
Grade 7 Roaring 20s
Grade 4 Early National Era
Grade 7 Dance
Grade 7 Magnetism and Electricity
Grade 9 Defining Words
Movement in a circle
  1. murkiness
  2. port
  3. circulation
  4. starboard
Grade 6 Themes of Geography
Movement is how:
  1. places change
  2. people move
  3. people, ideas, and stuff travels from place to place
  4. All of the above
Grade 8 Defining Words CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.8.4
forward movement
  1. hasten
  2. headway
  3. ignite
  4. illuminate
Grade 7 Magnetism and Electricity
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