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College Properties of Matter
Which of the following can react with oxygen gas to form nitrogen dioxide in the air?
  1. nitrogen dioxide
  2. nitrogen trioxide
  3. nitrogen monoxide
  4. nitrogen
Grade 9 Botany
In the nitrogen cycle, how is nitrogen is fixed?
  1. nitrogen-fixing bacteria
  2. lightning
  3. a only
  4. a and b
  5. none of the above
Grade 9 Environmental Science
Nitrogen is not a greenhouse gas. This is because nitrogen
  1. absorbs UV radiation.
  2. breaks down UV radiation.
  3. scatters UV radiation.
Grade 5 Microbiology
Some bacteria in soil and in the roots of some plants change nitrogen gas into
  1. nitrogen sugars.
  2. nitrogen flowers.
  3. nitrogen compounds.
  4. nitrogen waste.
Grade 11 Biogeochemical Cycles
What is the role of nitrogen-fixing bacteria in the nitrogen cycle?
  1. They create acid rain.
  2. They cause algal blooms.
  3. They make nitrogen into a more useful form.
  4. They move water through the environment.
Grade 7 DNA, RNA, and Genetics
Each rung of the DNA ladder is made of
  1. a pair of nitrogen bases.
  2. a single nitrogen base.
  3. three nitrogen bases.
  4. four nitrogen bases.
College Properties of Matter
Which of the following is emitted by exhaust from cars?
  1. Lead
  2. Mercury
  3. Nitrogen Oxides
  4. Nitrogen
Grade 10 Biochemical Pathways
Grade 10 DNA, RNA, and Genetics
A nucleotide consists of
  1. a nitrogen base.
  2. a nitrogen base and a sugar.
  3. a nitrogen base, sugar, and phosphate.
  4. two nitrogen bases, a sugar, and a phosphate.
Grade 9 Food Chains and Webs
Animals obtain nitrogen by
  1. consuming water.
  2. breathing the air.
  3. transpiration.
  4. eating plants.
Grade 11 Macromolecules
Which is not a nitrogenous base?
  1. cytosine
  2. thymine
  3. adenine
  4. threosine
Grade 5 Atmosphere
Earth's atmosphere is mainly made of the gases
  1. oxygen and carbon dioxide.
  2. carbon dioxide and nitrogen.
  3. nitrogen and oxygen.
  4. nitrogen and helium.
Grade 10 DNA, RNA, and Genetics
Nucleotides of DNA are composed of three substances, namely
  1. calcium, sugar, and nitrogen.
  2. sugar, phosphate, and nitrogenous base.
  3. sugar, hydrogen, and nitrogen base.
  4. phosphate, calcium, and nitrogenous base.
Grade 9 Macromolecules
Grade 10 Environmental Science

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Which best describes the function of process shown by B in the nitrogen cycle?
  1. fixes atmospheric nitrogen
  2. releases nitrogen gas into the atmosphere
  3. deposits organic nitrogen into the soil
  4. deposits inorganic nitrogen into the soil
Grade 10 Botany
In the nitrogen cycle, what do bacteria that live on the roots of plants do?
  1. change nitrogen gas into plant proteins
  2. break down nitrogen compounds into nitrogen gas
  3. change nitrogen gas into ammonia
  4. do not affect the pathways of nitrogen
Grade 7 Atmosphere
What are the main gases that make up the atmosphere?
  1. nitrogen and carbon
  2. oxygen and nitrogen
  3. carbon and oxygen
Grade 10 Macromolecules
What are the most basic elements of life?
  1. oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen
  2. oxygen, nitrogen
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