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None English as a Second Language ESL
It's loud in the cafeteria today. There is                       .
  1. too much noise
  2. too many noise
  3. enough noise
  4. less than enough noise
Grade 6 Defining Words
a loud noise:
  1. compassion
  2. abode
  3. clamor
  4. listless
College Health and Medicine
What masking noise is used for pure tones?
  1. Speech- shaped noise
  2. Narrow band noise
College Speech and Voice Disorders
What masking noise is used for speech?
  1. Speech- shaped noise
  2. Narrow band noise
Grade 8 Defining Words
Loud harsh noise
  1. bother
  2. distinct
  3. din
  4. ceaseless
Grade 5 Defining Words
loud, continuous noise
  1. clamor
  2. swarm
  3. victor
  4. rival
Grade 9 Defining Words
loud noise; clamor
  1. serenity
  2. inhibition
  3. contend
  4. racket
Grade 2 Defining Words
Grade 6 Sentence Structure
Which sentence is correct?
  1. They are easily.
  2. Was easily explained.
  3. The noise was easily explained.
  4. The noise was easily.
Grade 5 Spelling
Loud noise gives me a               .
  1. headake
  2. headacke
  3. hadeache
  4. headache
Continuing Education Military
The best description of inflight noise is it
  1. increases with altitude and decreases with airspeed
  2. increases with airspeed and decreases with altitude
  3. decreases with size of the aircraft and increases with altitude
  4. decreases with airspeed and increases with size of the aircraft
Continuing Education Fragments and Run-ons
Grade 4 Defining Words
make a loud, deep noise:
  1. smarted
  2. cinders
  3. bellows
  4. illuminated
Grade 4 Prefixes and Suffixes
Form the word.

noise + less
  1. noisless
  2. noisiless
  3. noiseless
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