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Grade 1 Pre-Colonial Period
How was the candlefish (or eulachon) used by the Pacific Northwest Indians?
  1. Instead of wood to start campfires.
  2. To roast fish over.
  3. To help heat the inside of their homes.
  4. As a candle to provide light indoors.
Grade 1 Pre-Colonial Period
Mark all of the things that happened at a potlatch.
  1. The host gave gifts to each of the guests to show his wealth.
  2. The guests gave gifts to the host of the party.
  3. They raced horses and made bets on who would win.
  4. The people had a great feast.
  5. They would release several slaves.
  6. The people would dance and celebrate.
Grade 1 Pre-Colonial Period
Mark all of the foods that were very important to the Pacific Northwest Indians.
  1. Salmon
  2. Lizards
  3. Clams & oysters
  4. Sea otters & seals
  5. Camas roots
  6. Camels
  7. Berries
Grade 5 Early National Era
Grade 9 China
Along which border did the Chinese build the Great Wall?
  1. southeast
  2. northeast
  3. northwest
  4. southwest
Grade 6 US Geography
Grade 5 US Geography
Florida is located in what region of the United States?
  1. Northeast
  2. Southeast
  3. Northwest
  4. Southwest
Grade 2 Pre-Colonial Period
Northwest Indians live in
  1. tepees
  2. wigwams
  3. cedar plank longhouse
  4. trailer
Grade 3 Map Components
Grade 5 Pre-Colonial Period
The Hopi and Navajo were Native Americans of what area?
  1. Northwest
  2. Southeast
  3. Southwest
  4. Northeast
Grade 8 Geography
The most amount of rain in Louisiana happens in the
  1. west.
  2. northeast.
  3. northwest.
  4. southeast.
Grade 9 Pre-Colonial Period
Grade 6 Map Components
Grade 8 Louisiana
The least amount of rain in Louisiana happens in the...
  1. northwest.
  2. northeast.
  3. southwest.
  4. southeast.
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