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Grade 6 Adventures of Tom Sawyer
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer would best be described as:
  1. An historical fiction novel
  2. A coming of age novel
  3. A fiction novel
  4. A dramatic novel
Grade 4 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
Grade 7 Connotations and Denotations
Narrator : Book :: Guide :
  1. Car
  2. Novel
  3. Tour
  4. Phone
Grade 9 Autobiography of Malcolm X
This text would be considered...
  1. A memoir
  2. A biography
  3. A novel
  4. A bildungsroman
Grade 7 Connotations and Denotations
Notes : Score :: Jargon :
  1. Novel
  2. Manual
  3. Instrument
  4. Speaker
Grade 7 Lord of the Flies
The protagonist of the novel is
  1. Simon.
  2. Jack.
  3. Ralph.
  4. Piggy.
Grade 11 Supporting Details CCSS: CCRA.R.5, RL.11-12.5

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Grade 6 Identifying Genre
The story of someone's life written by someone else is a(n):
  1. biography
  2. memoir
  3. auto-biography
  4. novel
Grade 6 Identifying Genre
What is the genre of literature containing cartoon-like pictures and words?
  1. encyclopedia
  2. dictionary
  3. thesaurus
  4. graphic novel
Grade 3 Connotations and Denotations CCSS: CCRA.L.5, L.3.5, L.3.5c
Grade 8 Lord of the Flies
                are the protagonists of the novel.
  1. Jack and Piggy
  2. Ralph and Piggy
  3. Jack and Simon
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