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None Exploring Careers

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Grade 11 Vocabulary
apartment owners
  1. lease
  2. landlords
  3. security deposit
Grade 3 Contractions
Grade 8 Defining Words
Grade 8 Progressive Era
Owner of the New York World
  1. William Randolph Hearst
  2. Joseph Pulitzer
  3. Jane Addams
  4. "Boss" Tweed
Grade 5 Spelling
None English as a Second Language ESL
Grade 1 Children's Literature
Who is the main character?
  1. a peddler
  2. a magician
  3. a shop owner
None US History
Continuing Education Cosmetology
In many cases, the first person to greet a client is the:
  1. owner
  2. receptionist
  3. manager
  4. designer
Grade 4 Social Studies Words
Grade 11 Young Adult Literature
The store owner, Alguinaldo Nesbitt was
  1. hated and feared by customers.
  2. a criminal who carried a gun.
  3. well-liked by people in the neighborhood.
  4. a new man in the city.
Grade 12 Accounting
What is owners' equity?
  1. sales of products or services
  2. owners' claims to resources
  3. resources owned
  4. costs of selling products or services
  5. amounts owed
Grade 11 Vocabulary
Grade 8 Progressive Era
Owner of the New York Morning Journal:
  1. Joseph Pulitzer
  2. Booker T Washington
  3. Ida B Wells
  4. William Randolph Hearst
College Accounting
The two major components of Owners' Equity are:
  1. Capital Stock and Dividends
  2. Long-term Liabilities and Net Income
  3. Dividends and Retained Earnings
  4. Capital Stock and Retained Earnings
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