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Grade 8 Zoology
Pairing is:
  1. the process of two marine mammals selecting each other as mates
  2. associating a new stimulus with a familiar one
  3. an a genetic mutation in which whales develop an extra tail
  4. a leap out of the water by an animal such as a dolphin, penguin, or sea lion
Grade 12 Molecules and Compounds
According to VSEPR theory, what is the order in which repulsions between electron pairs decreases?
  1. lone pair-lone pair> lone pair-bond pair> bond pair-bond pair
  2. lone pair-lone pair> bond pair-bond pair>lone pair-bond pair
  3. bond pair-bond pair>lone pair-bond pair>lone pair-lone pair
  4. lone pair-bond pair>lone pair-lone pair>bond pair-bond pair
Grade 6 Skin, Skeleton, and Muscles
The rib cage has                  .
  1. 10 pairs of bones
  2. 12 pair of bones
  3. 2 pair of bones
  4. None of these
Grade 7 DNA, RNA, and Genetics
What are the nitrogen base pairs in a DNA molecule?
  1. adenine pairs with thymine; guanine pairs with cytosine
  2. guanine pairs with thymine; adenine pairs with cytosine
  3. adenine pairs with guanine; thymine pairs with cytosine
  4. all of the above
Grade 2 Spelling
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. paree
  2. pairre
  3. pair
  4. poar
College Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatments
Grade 4 Supporting Details CCSS: CCRA.R.3, RI.4.3

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Which description explains how the majority of stones at Stonehenge are placed?
  1. on their sides
  2. on their ends
  3. by themselves
  4. by pair
Grade 1 Frequently Misspelled Words
The fruit is spelled how?
  1. pare
  2. pear
  3. pair
Grade 6 Points, Lines, and Planes
Grade 3 Spelling
Grade 4 Spelling
Grade 10 DNA, RNA, and Genetics
The base pair rules states that
  1. Replication is semiconservative
  2. A pairs with T, G pairs with C
  3. DNA is a double helix held together by hydrogen bonds
  4. A pairs with G, T pairs with C
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