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Grade 7 Handball
When performing the bump pass which is NOT a component?
  1. Bend knees
  2. Fingers clasped
  3. Head up
  4. Arms straight
Grade 7 Handball
Which is NOT a component of the set pass?
  1. Head down
  2. Arms above head
  3. Extend arms
  4. Look through the window at the ball
College Scientific Method
Define quantitative observation
  1. An observation that deals with numbers or amounts
  2. An observation that deals with senses
  3. An number that tells you how many trials there are
  4. A sight process involving numbers
Grade 4 Defining Words
  1. to move ahead
  2. permit
  3. postpone
None Basketball
Grade 5 Soccer
A pass made towards the opposition's goal.
  1. backwards pass
  2. over head pass
  3. bounce pass
  4. forward pass
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