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Grade 3 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
Grade 7 Adverbs
Grade 2 Supporting Details CCSS: CCRA.R.1, RI.2.1

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What is not something nurses do in schools?
  1. give patients medicine
  2. take care of sick patients
  3. assist doctors in patient care
  4. help a patient feel better
Continuing Education Military
When talking with a patient regarding personal concerns, it is important for the medic to
  1. offer solutions to the patient
  2. refer the patient's concerns to the provider in a timely manner
  3. tell the patient everything will be fine
  4. not be concerned with the patient's problems
College Medical Practices
What is a chief complaint?
  1. A summary of a patient's symptoms
  2. A record of the patient's vital signs
  3. The main reason the patient seeks care
  4. The doctor's assessment of what's wrong with the patient
College Social Work
An example of sexual abuse is:
  1. leaving a patient alone on the toilet
  2. a medical employee that curses at a patient
  3. a medical employee that shows a patient a pornographic magazine
  4. not assisting a patient with toileting when needed
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