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Grade 8 Properties of Matter
Grade 8 Properties of Matter

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Vaporization that occurs only the surface of a liquid is called
  1. condensation
  2. boiling
  3. evaporation
  4. deposition
College Properties of Matter
Given the phase diagram, which of the following indicates the point at which solid and liquid exist at the same vapor pressure?
Phase Diagram
  1. The critical point
  2. The critical temperature
  3. The triple point
  4. The critical pressure
College Properties of Matter
College Properties of Matter
Which of the following does NOT exist on one of the lines or curves shown in the phase diagram?
Phase Diagram
  1. solid-liquid equilibrium
  2. solid-gas equilibrium
  3. solid phase
  4. liquid-gas equilibrium
  5. critical point
College Properties of Matter
Assuming that the phase diagram for water is shown, how can the phase diagram be manipulated to create a phase diagram similar to that of carbon dioxide?
Phase Diagram
  1. Extend the range of pressures applicable for the gas phase
  2. Extend the range of temperatures at which the liquid phase exists
  3. Lower the temperature and pressure of the critical point
  4. Extend the range of temperatures and pressures at which the solid phase exists
College Properties of Matter
How does the phase diagram shown for water differ from most phase diagrams?
Phase Diagram
  1. The triple point is unusually high for water
  2. The liquid-gas phase boundary typically curves downward, whereas, with water, it curves upward
  3. The solid-gas phase boundary typically points to the right, whereas, in the case of water, it points to the left
  4. None of the above
Grade 2 Matter
What is an example of a solid turning into another state of matter?
  1. breaking a chair into pieces
  2. snow becoming a puddle
  3. tearing a piece of paper
  4. water freezing
Grade 9 Properties of Matter
What can be said about the molecules represented in the diagram?
Particle State - Gas
  1. The molecules move very slowly.
  2. The molecules are very close together.
  3. The molecules have a natural resistance to flowing.
  4. The molecules have a very high energy state.
Grade 9 The Moon
Which phase of the moon is this? (the visible part of the moon is represented by the white)
Moon Phase - Waning Gibbous
  1. waxing crescent
  2. waning crescent
  3. waning gibbous
  4. waxing gibbous
Grade 9 The Moon
What phase of the moon is shown?
Moon Phase - Waxing Crescent
  1. first quarter
  2. waxing crescent
  3. waning gibbous
  4. new moon
Grade 8 The Moon
Grace makes a diagram using the moon image seen below. She draws the Earth to the left of the moon and the sun to the right of the moon. Based on Grace's diagram, which statement is most correct?
Moon Phase - First Quarter
  1. A lunar eclipse will be seen from some locations on Earth.
  2. A lunar eclipse may be seen from some locations on Earth.
  3. A solar eclipse will be seen from some locations on Earth.
  4. A solar eclipse may be seen from some locations on Earth.
Grade 7 Cell Structure and Function
What is the longest stage of the entire cell cycle?
  1. mitosis
  2. G₂ Phase
  3. G₁ Phase
  4. S Phase
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